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GRATALOUP LIGHT COLOR, monograph,Milena Grataloup

Texts by Milena and GRATALOUP himself

300 pages on the life and work of GRATALOUP

 Vina Editions - Nebojsa Bosnjak - 2018

Available on Amazon  &  Rakuten 

GRATALOUP , monograph, 1998

Preface by Michel Tournier, writer, member of the Académie Goncourt

Ramsay Editions - 1998

Available on  Amazon  

GRATALOUP, monograph, Jean-Louis Ferrier, 1993

Text by Jean-Louis Ferrier, Professor at the Superior School of Decorative Arts, doctor of philosophy and art critic

Ramsay Editions -1993

Available on request here

GRATALOUP, monograph, Enrico Navarra, 2002

Prefaces Paul Lombard, Jean-Louis Pradel

Enrico Navarra Editions - 2002

Available on request here

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