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2004 - DANCE - ADAM & EVE

From large rubbings made on some matrices including "Mori Genos" or "Les Feuilles", GRATALOUP will realize great triptyques on the theme of dance.

We find the use of sand and stainless steel plates in these different series.

The artist draws his inspiration from the choreographic research of the 1920s. These paintings, rarely offered to the public, will be exhibited in 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Novi Sad (Serbia) through a collective exhibition organized by the Galerie du Centre (Paris) and Nebojsa Bosnjak.

"There was my workshop in Paris next to Kees van Dongen’s old workshop. It was occupied by Madame Van Veen who gave dance lessons according to the precepts of Rudolf Laban, theorist, choreographer and teacher. He had, starting from the icosahedron and with a choreographer who was inside the polyhedron, created a whole new and quite remarkable system of spatial orientation and gymnic gestures. I built a polyhedron and some of my students participated in the research. I myself have worked in this direction with the nostalgia of the exceptional choreographers of that time."


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The Nom Série series includes 86 paintings;


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