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At that time, the artist shared his life between Montvinot and Paris, where he taught at the E.N.S in Cachan.

His son Julien has just left the Collège Jean-Campin (La Ferté-Gaucher), a few kilometres from his country house. He meets the architect of the college who proposes to him to make a mosaic on one of the facades of the building.

It will take up the theme of the Tree of Life, already expressed a few years earlier through the Grand Vitrail of the Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris. On the mosaic, a large ray of light crosses the tree on both sides, determining the chromatic graphics.

"During a trip to La Ferté-Gaucher, I saw this mosaic that I created when one of my children was a student at this college. In the center is the “Tree of Life” that is scattered around with coloured squares, with the game of whether you could use them to reconstitute and know it."


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