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I had made trees for this mosque thinking that the green color was something that was in the Koran. Only I had forgotten that they were trees…. So I go with my model to meet the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubaker. I show it to him and he tells me in his office that there must be no recognizable representation of the world of nature. So I leave with my model under my arm and start to look at what has been done, especially in Bukhara. From a motif of a few centimeters, taken in Bukhara, I begin to draw geometric forms by multiplying them, creating a blue-green set for the four walls of the mosque excluding the Mihrab. After showing the study to rector, he gives me the authorization for the realization. I got back in touch with the Alliance Française and with my mosaicist who was following the enlargement to scale 1. Little by little, the mosaic was born. There was a dome on which a circle had been established by the architect and so I wrote on this circle in Sufi writing: Allah, Alli, Muhammad


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