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In 1984, thanks once again to his friend Denis Sloan, in charge of the architecture of the place, GRATALOUP created three mosaic panels for the Telecom Operational Division in Angers.

The first mosaic panel, measuring 5 metres by 2.60 metres, represents the mineral world through which optical or electromagnetic encodings and pulses pass. The representative graphic of the mineral elements takes on the appearance of optical codes to be rediscovered.

The second panel, 3.50 metres by 2.60 metres, represents a set of printed circuits emitting on mountainous terrain. This set is worked in chromatic mode.

Finally, the last panel, 7 metres by 2.60 metres, leads to a general landscaped allusion: a series of islands in the middle of the sea, under a luminous sky, all forming a strongly coloured and very graphic ensemble.

Since then, the place has been home to new tenants but the mosaics have been preserved intact and are accessible to visitors.

'The theme called for a close and discreet relationship between the technological phenomenon and the natural order. From this essential data, I thought to establish a compositional order giving a reality to an ensemble. The technological function has been symbolized by printed circuits implanted in landscaped events."


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