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In 1992, a competition was launched by the city of Toulouse, aiming at the integration of works of art in the metro stations of Line A. GRATALOUP is selected to create a work in the Bellefontaine station.

He will be inspired by the poetic spirit of the city, through its pink color, and imagine the mountains, the ochre quarries surrounding the city of Toulouse.

The 70 m2 of mosaic offer a mineral aspect in the colors of the city, around a glass fountain in inverted pyramid. A starry vault dominates the whole.

For the artist, it is about trying to create harmony for this so-called «sensitive» station, to give back a hope, a joy, to generate reunions with nature, by the sound of water and the graphic relationship with the very beautiful city of Toulouse.

"«Belle Fontaine»...
The project is already set up with the right title. It is an interlocking of two volumes in stainless steel and glass very designated that comes, in contrast, touch the wall mosaic and which, by its graphics and colors, represents the "Pink City"."


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