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2007 - 2006 N.D.E

Isn’t creating a way to ward off death? For the artist who approached her during her coma in 2002, this is undoubtedly one of the reasons why he will undertake the N.D.E (Near Death Experience) series.

He will express the theme through very large canvases, mainly
diptychs, illustrating the decorporation, the tunnel of light and the encounter of infinite love.

The lower part of the diptych is worked with sand painted in black acrylic, representing the matter and life on earth that one abandons at the time of death.

The upper part of the diptych is covered with gold leaf, symbol of infinity and eternity. The dead body leaves its envelope on earth to fly in the light.

Grataloup will produce about ten of these great works, little exposed to date.

"For a while, I lived in a haunted house and found myself every night watching an ectoplasm pass by my bedroom window. It was something white, luminous, without a definite shape and it began as a strong gust of wind that made my flaps beat. A breath that passes while everything is calm outside. There were many of us in this house and every morning, we put back the cabinets moved during the night. I have always thought that the spirit was eternal and held mystery as I have portrayed it in my paintings with gold bottoms." The N.D.E brings us to the borders of death without entering it."


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The Nom Série series includes 86 paintings;


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